End reception pain with a high gain aerial

Try to watch Freeview television in a weak reception area and the picture will be less than perfect if your aerial isn’t up to scratch. Old or damaged aerials are a waste of time in poor reception areas – you might as well have a metal coat hanger linked to your television for all the good your aerial is going to do.

A simple upgrade to a high gain aerial should deliver promising results though, this is something we are highly proficient at and we’d be happy to come and survey the situation at JNB.

High gain aerials are just one of the many solutions we provide as standard to our customers and they can be useful for a number of reasons, like some of the points raised in this blog…

1) High gain aerials improve signal strength
Standard aerials can sometimes struggle to pick up signals in fringe areas. We class fringe areas as being on the very outskirts of transmitter boundaries. They might be a good distance away and struggle to receive good quality signals as a result.

One simple but effective solution is to replace standard aerials with a high gain antenna. This picks up signals from weaker transmitters and can improve reception in poorly performing areas, where normal solutions struggle to cope.

2) They reduce ghosting
High gain aerials often have anti-ghosting properties too. Ghosting happens when signals are out of phase. Viewers witness what appear to be ‘ghosts’ on the television, in most cases this happens to the right of the screen. By fitting a high gain aerial the signals are brought back into phase and the ghosts disappear.

Factors to consider when installing high gain aerials…

High gain aerials are very effective but even they can struggle in areas with very poor reception. Every situation is different. The position of the aerial, the location of the nearest transmitter and the size of the aerial mast are just some of the factors you should think about if you are struggling with poor reception in a weak transmitter area.

Good advice helps, and that’s where we come in at JNB. Call us, we’ll recommend the ideal antenna solution for your particular needs, whether that involves a high gain aerial or some other signal booster.

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