Freaky weather that spoils your viewing pleasure

It drives you mad when you are getting ready to watch BGT on a Saturday night armed with the biggest bag of tortillas known to mankind and the telly goes on the blink.
What an earth could be causing the problem this time?
The chances are it’s either your aerial or satellite dish that’s causing the fault and the culprit that’s made this mess is Mother Nature. Here are some instances where poor weather conditions affect viewing pleasure.
Heavy rain – Is it raining outside? You live in the UK so there’s a pretty good chance it is! You’ll probably hear the rain so there’s no need to peer through the curtains, sadly, this downpour might be affecting your viewing pleasure. A condition known as ‘rain fade’ is the culprit, where microwave radio frequency is absorbed by atmospheric rain, wait until the shower passes and your telly should be back to normal.
Heavy snow – It’s the middle of winter, your tucked up on the sofa wearing a onesie sipping a cup of chocolate and you lose the signal just as you’re about to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ for the millionth time. Take a peek outside, is your satellite dish covered in snow? This could be the culprit that’s causing the problem, all that snow is blocking the signal!
Heavy wind – Can’t get a picture on your television after a wind storm the night before? Go outside and stand back away from the house, get a clear picture of your aerial. Firstly, is it still there? If not, it will have to be replaced. Secondly, if the aerial is still there, is it facing the right way? Look at the other aerials on the houses in your street, if they’re pointing in a different way your aerial needs adjusting because the wind has blown it in the wrong direction.
There’s not a lot you can do about the weather but there’s plenty you can do if you are having problems with television signals, calling the team at JNB isn’t a bad place to start.

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