Get the most from home movies

We love movies at JNB, when we’re not installing aerials and satellite dishes to houses in Gorton, Salford, Sale and Swinton you’ll find us tucked up at home with a mega bucket of popcorn watching our favourite flicks.
Movie night is a special occasion, it takes a bit a bit of planning to pull it off properly but when you do, it’s the best evening of the week!
Here’s what we suggest to make movies at home memorable.
Create the right setting – To really appreciate a blockbuster movie in all its blood, guts and glory you have to create the ideal setting. A bespoke movie theatre is the perfect answer complete with large screen, cinema seating and concealed sound. If you have the time, the money and the space to turn a room in your house into a cinema space go for it, you only live once! Or for those of us on more modest budgets, a large LCD screen, BluRay player, a sound bar and subwoofer will create a great movie experience for less expense.
Crank the sound up – It doesn’t matter which film you choose make sure you pump up the volume. Obviously surround sound is best, play Star Wars at full volume and it feels like you are leading the Empire attack.
Have food on the go – Popcorn, hot dogs and bags of sweets are essential for movie night, keep them handy and munch and rustle as much as you like, there are no other movie-goers to annoy you with their constant shushing and complaining.
And drink… Buy a 3 litre bottle of coke, chill it and see if you can drink the lot whilst watching Gladiator.
Keep the remote close – All that coke will go straight through you, keep the remote handy just in case you need to pause the film and rush off for a toilet break.
Ignore your phone – This is movie night so turn your phone off or have it on silent, what’s the point in pressing play on the BluRay if you plan on chatting throughout the production?
Stick to this plan when you watch movies at home and those blockbusters will be brilliant.

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