How to protect your home on a budget

Your home is important to you. A treasure trove of beloved belongings.
And the perfect place for a thief to earn some money.
That’s why it’s important you adequately protect your home. But the problem is you can’t afford all this fancy security technology.
Thankfully there are ways to protect it without spending all your money.
Trim the garden
The last thing on earth a burglar wants is to be seen on their approach. And so they usually target houses with lots of shrubs, trees and hidey holes.
Don’t give them the opportunity!
Keep all your plants, shrubs and trees cut back. Otherwise a burglar will see them as the perfect hiding places.
Don’t advertise
So you’ve just purchased a new TV. It’s big, looks great and sounds just as good and you want to show it off a little. You sit it next to your front window for all your neighbours to see.
Not a great idea.
Burglars scout properties. They look for homes that look like they’re packed to the rafters with goodies. If they see that lovely new TV next to your window they’ll soon start to wonder what other treats are hidden inside.
And then they’ll figure out how to get in.
Light it up
As we said, burglars don’t like to be seen. You’ve cut back all of the potential hiding places, great job. But they can still make their way up to your house in the dead of night.
Install sensor lights.
As soon as a burglar approaches they’ll flash on, causing the burglar to bolt before they reach the door.
If there’s one thing a burglar doesn’t like, it’s being in the spotlight.
Make friends with your neighbours
Who doesn’t love a nice holiday? You’ve worked for the past 6 months. You want to get away and enjoy some sun for a while.
But burglars might spot that there’s no one home and think it the perfect opportunity to strike.
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on holiday. What it does mean though, is that you should put some protective measure in place. The best one of which is to ask a little help from your neighbours.
Give one that you trust your key and ask them to pop by every couple of days to make sure everything is in order. If a burglar knows the property is regularly checked, they aren’t going to touch it.
Build a border
This is a really simple measure that proves to be quite effective. By simply placing fencing around your property you can deter burglars. When they try to make their way towards your front door, the fence, or wall could end up being one obstacle too many.
Trick them
Burglars aren’t the most intelligent bunch. If you place a few signs around your property telling them you have state of the art security systems and a huge dog, they probably won’t run the risk.
You don’t actually have to have a dog or security system tough. How are they going to know otherwise?

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