The most common TV issues

Here at JnB Aerials we’ve helped hundreds of people get their new TV up and running. And that means we’ve seen quite a few problems with televisions, some of which are more common than others.
And that’s what we’re going to look at here – the more common TV problems and a few suggestions to fix them.
No picture – One of the worst issues on the list, there’s no point in having a television if it isn’t producing images! This could be down to a number of reasons. Sounds obvious but your first port of call should be the wires. Make sure each one is connected in the right port according to the manual. If you still don’t have a picture, turn to the input channels. Many new TV’s have a number of input channel’s, for your console, DVD player and so on. You could be on the wrong one.
A dead pixel – A frustrating issue that’s a common occurrence in many television sets. It appears when one of the pixels on screen malfunctions causing a change in colour. It isn’t often found in plasma and LCD screens, but if it occurs to your TV, you’ll have difficulty getting it fixed.
Burn-in – You’ve probably experienced or heard of the two issues above, but this one isn’t seen too often any more. It mainly affects plasma screens. It’s when an image remains on the screen for a while even after the set is turned off. Thankfully, it isn’t usually permanent, but there are instances where it can become permanent. To avoid it, make sure the TV is turned off when not in use.
Black bars on screen – Many people think that there’s an issue with their TV when black bars appear, but it’s perfectly normal. It just means that the movie or game you’re watching was designed for a different display. These black bars are filling out the unused space. You may be able to adjust the display to make the picture fit the display, but beware. This may distort the images.
Dark or discoloured image – This problem is a simple one to fix. Chances are your display settings aren’t organised properly. Simply open up the settings menu and play around with the sharpness, brightness and colour settings to find the image you want.
If you’re still having trouble with your TV or there’s another issue, then ring us here at JnB aerials. Like we said, we have years of experience fixing TVs, so we’re sure we can help!

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