TV wall mounting can prevent child deaths

When we child proof our home many people don’t think of TV wall mounting as part of it. Yet injury and even death can come from unstable TV’s and professionally installed TV wall mountain can remove many big risks in your home.

“1 child every 2 weeks dies when a TV, furniture or appliance falls on him or her” – Consumer product safety commission

This is the startling statistic from the consumer product safety commission, released during their “Anchor it” campaign. Much like any aspect of your home your TV has to be child proofed if a young child is going to live there. Almost 70% of these deaths were because of unsecured TV’s meaning that over 18 child deaths a year were down to a TV set.

On top of that over 3 children an hour are injured when a TV, furniture or appliance falls on them, meaning that over 25,000 injuries a year are down to improperly secured house hold products. This make proper TV wall mounting a real health and safety issue when child proofing your home.

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Mount flat-screen TVs to the wall or to furniture to prevent them from toppling over.” – Consumer product safety commission on TV wall mounting

TV wall mounting puts the TV far away from the ground, this means there is far less risk of a serious accident and the child is unable to climb on top of the set. Our in house team offer a TV wall mounting service, and this isn’t just for TV’s you buy from us. We can mount almost any flat screen with either a swivel or standard bracket and we offer a range of ways to hide, contain and conceal wires, all of which makes your home that bit safer.
For more information on wall mounting call us on: 0161 881 6274 or visit the CPSC’s website: 1 Child Dies Every Two Weeks: Tipover Dangers

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