European Satellite Dishes


We’re all looking for new ways to make and to save money these days. Times are tough and anything that could add even a little bit to the bottom line has got to be worth taking a look at; especially if you’re in the business of attracting punters to your pub or club. Even more important though is the way that using a European satellite dish gives them a reason to stay… and spend.

People talk about added value, competitive advantage and the rest but one of the best ways to build a loyal clientele is to serve then up something special.

What better way attract new business if you’re a pub or a club than to show great live sport?

And what more cost effective way of doing it than by installing a European satellite dish to serve up all the best in sporting action from all across Europe.

Money spinning sports and entertainment that attracts a whole range of new customers and can add £££s to your takings:

  • No expensive commercial subscription fees.
  • No pricey equipment rental.
  • No long term commitments

All the top European football, boxing, Indian Premier League cricket and rugby plus a galaxy of punter pulling international sports – you choose.

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